Doodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor BBB accredited business profile
Doodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor BBB accredited business profile

Best Time of Year to Clean Your Chimney

If you’re like most people, you don’t think about chimney and fireplace cleaning and maintenance until late fall or early winter. But here is why you should schedule these services in spring and summer.

chimney and fireplace cleaning, seascape flAvoid the Rush

Waiting until the last minute to schedule chimney sweeping and maintenance means you may have to play the waiting game. Chimney service companies’ schedules fill up as winter gets closer because most people wait until then to get their fireplace and chimney in order.

Taking care of chimney cleaning in spring and summer is the best time because contractors typically aren’t as busy, and you’ll have an easier time scheduling an appointment when you want it.

Save Money

Because chimney service companies aren’t as busy with cleaning and inspections during spring and summer, you may get a better price.

Eliminate Odors

If you use your fireplace heavily during winter, the chimney probably has significant creosote buildup. Once the weather gets humid, it can cause your chimney to smell as the moist air reacts with the creosote’s acidity, creating a stench that can fill the house. Cleaning the chimney and fireplace in the spring eliminates the creosote and the offending odor.

It’s Safer

You probably wouldn’t like working on your roof in freezing temperatures and neither does your contractor. Working in cold weather isn’t only unpleasant, it’s risky. Moreover, it gets dark quicker in late fall and early winter and your contractor may not have enough time to get the job done depending on when they’re scheduled and have to come back. Chimney cleaning and inspection is safer for the workers in spring and summer and you typically have plenty of daylight.

chimney tuckpointing experts, destin flDetect Problems

Winter takes a toll on chimneys. Bricks and mortar joints absorb water, and during the freeze/thaw cycle, it expands, causing cracks that worsen over time. The problem is that this phenomenon is barely detectable at first, and it can be years before anyone notices. By that time, it requires significant, expensive repairs to correct the issues.

A certified chimney sweep is trained to notice minor damage, so you can fix it before it gets out of hand, and the best time to perform any needed repairs is when the weather is warm.

Get the Best Company

When you need your chimney and fireplace inspected and cleaned, you want the best company to do the job right and ensure everything is safe when winter rolls around. When you wait until the last minute, the best companies get booked quickly, and you may have to settle for a contractor that’s not certified or offers chimney cleaning as a side job and doesn’t guarantee their work.

Call Doodlebuggers

Doodlebuggers is a top-rated fireplace and chimney service company in Pensacola and Destin, FL. We’re certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America and employ gas-certified technicians, so you can trust our work is accurate, safe, and reliable. We strive to give you the best customer service and guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

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