Doodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor BBB accredited business profile
Doodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor BBB accredited business profile

A New Fireplace For Your Home

Have you been thinking about installing a new fireplace for your home? Do you have an old, unexciting model you’d like to replace? Would your home feel more like a home with an elegant new fireplace as the centerpiece?

Doodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor Store of Pensacola FL and Destin FL, is here to take the guesswork out of fireplace shopping and connect you with the perfect new appliance that meets your decorative needs and installation requirements.

gas fireplaces in Cantonment, FLTypes Of Fireplaces

There are three primary fuel types on which fireplaces run:

  1. Gas/propane
  2. Wood
  3. Electricity

Which Fireplace Is For You

Gas Fireplaces

For real flames without the hassle, a gas fireplace from Kozy Heat, Empire and other respected manufacturers is a great choice. With gas, you spend more of your time doing what you want to do and less time taking care of the fireplace.

As to ambiance, it’s hard to beat a softly glowing gas fireplace to set the mood and serve as a conversation piece year-round. Efficient, safe and stunning – that’s today’s gas fireplaces.

Wood Fireplaces

If you’re a traditionalist and love the rustic aroma of a real wood fire, a wood fireplace will more than satisfy. Picture your room with a stunning wood fireplace as the backdrop for entertaining, socializing or just relaxing.
Today’s wood fireplaces from top makers such as Osburn – a national leader in wood fireplace technology – are cleaner burning and far more efficient than models in years past.

Electric Fireplaces

You may be the type who would love to enhance the beauty and décor of your home but aren’t interested in any kind of maintenance activities with your fireplace. If this is the case, a new electric fireplace is the way to go.

Electric fireplaces from Modern Flames, Dimplex and other top-line manufacturers come in immaculate designs and finishes that look exactly like their gas and wood counterparts. The difference is, they require none of your time to look after them.

fireplace shop in destin fl

How to Get the Fireplace of Your Dreams

Doodlebuggers is committed to helping you every step of the way in bringing home the perfect new gas, wood or electric fireplace for your Florida home. When you visit our Pensacola, FL, or Destin, FL, showrooms, our experienced team will show you working and static models of fireplaces that will:

  • Match your space/installation requirements
  • Dazzle you with their beauty and elegance
  • Operate efficiently, safely and economically
  • Provide the perfect finishing touch to add luxury and eye appeal to your home

Our installation crew will then set up your new fireplace where you want it and in total compliance with any local fire safety or building codes. Finally, we’ll walk you through the operation of your fireplace and share tips on fireplace maintenance, safe use, and getting the most out of your appliance.

If it’s time to look into transforming your home into a place you can’t wait to come home to, visit one of our convenient showrooms:

7555 Highway 98 West, Suite B, Pensacola, FL | (850) 477-1151
36054 Emerald Coast Pkwy Suite 100, Destin, FL | (850) 243-0154

You can reach a fireplace expert at either of the above numbers or get in touch through our handy contact form.

In the Pensacola, FL, area, Doodlebuggers serves Pensacola Beach, FL, Cantonment, FL, Belleview, FL, Ferry Pass, FL, Molino, FL, and other local communities. In the Destin, FL, area, Doodlebuggers serves Miramar Beach, FL, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, Alys Beach, FL, Fort Walton Beach, FL, Laguna Beach, FL, and other local communities.

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