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Signs Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

There are a number of clear signs your dryer vent needs cleaning, and we’re going to talk about them here. Doodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor Store is always ready to help our Pensacola and Destin customers keep their clothes dryers working safely and at peak capacity. We can help you, too.

Destin FL dryer vent serviceDoes Your Dryer Vent Need Cleaning Now?

Clothes take forever to dry: This is often the first sign a person will notice. If the dryer vent is obstructed or blocked, sufficient hot air can’t circulate into and out of the dryer. The result is just a lot of humid air, which won’t get clothes dry.

Top of the dryer is hot: Another one of the signs your dryer vent needs cleaning is a hot top of the machine. You can feel it right away. The machine should be a little warm during a cycle, but its exterior never should get hot. This likely signals a drafting problem.

Humid laundry room: The humidity inside the drying chamber of a dryer with an obstructed vent will end up filtering into the room. You know about how much humidity to expect in your laundry room in your Pensacola or Destin home, and you know when there’s way too much of it – even for Florida.

Excess lint at the exterior vent opening: The dryer vent pipe that channels air to the outside of your home should be relatively free of lint outside. If you see a growing amount of lint blowing and clinging in this area, it’s one of the most obvious signs your dryer vent needs cleaning.

The vent opening’s flap doesn’t open: The flap, also on the exterior of your home where the dryer vent exits, should open when air blows through it. If it doesn’t open, it means air isn’t blowing.

These are some of the signs your dryer vent needs cleaning. If you notice any of them, contact the Certified Dryer Vent Technicians at Doodlebuggers for the solution.

dryer vent inspection and cleaning in Ferry Pass, FLC-DET Professionals in Pensacola & Destin Areas

We employ C-DET professionals, which stands for Certified Dryer Vent Technicians. These individuals have received specialized training and education through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the largest educational and certifying body in the venting industry.

Our job is to service, repair, maintain and configure clothes dryer venting systems for our Pensacola and Destin area customers. Outcomes include:

  • Less chance of a clothes dryer fire
  • A machine that lasts longer
  • Clothes that dry faster
  • Less wasted money on gas or electric bills

If you’re noticing signs your dryer vent needs cleaning, speak with a Certified Dryer Vent Technician in Pensacola by calling (850) 477-1151. In the Destin area, reach us at (850) 243-0154. You also can get in touch through our handy contact form.

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