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Satisfaction Guarantee - Our Promise To You!

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  1. As a Client, you are entitled to be treated like a real, individual, fellow Human Being with friendliness, honesty, and respect.
  2. As a Client, you are entitled to full value for your money. When you use our services you should feel assured that it was a good value and that our service met or exceeded your expectations.
  3. As a Client, you are entitled to a COMPLETE guarantee of satisfaction.
  4. As a Client, you are entitled to punctual service with 1 hour arrival windows Not 4 hour windows. If we cannot be on time, you are entitled to a phone call before your appointment time and an apology.
  5. As a Client, you are entitled to speedy, courteous, knowledgeable solutions.
  6. As a Client, you are entitled to an issue resolved in the most mutually satisfactory basis possible.
  7.  As a Client, you are entitled to a delightful buying experience. To make it easy for you to buy from us, we accept checks, all major credit cards and cash.
  8. As a Client, you are entitled, no, make that encouraged to complain. We can only get better by honest candid feedback. This allows us to improve your client service experience for you and future clients.
  9. As a Client, you are entitled to deal with a company that is honest and upfront. We are not a company that operates under numerous names to trick you. Beware of a company that uses the “free inspection” or “free estimate” ploy to get in your home just to rip you off.
  10. As a Client, you are entitled to be treated exactly as we want to be treated when we are someone else’s Client! We believe in the Golden Rule: “Treat others the way we would like to be treated.
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Doodlebuggers Service Network Pensacola
Hello, we pray you and family are safe and well. Hurricane Sally has affected our schedule and we are experiencing a high volume of calls. Our showrooms are now open on a limited basis. For the time being, here is our showrooms schedule:
- Monday, Destin will be closed; whereas, Pensacola will be open from 10a-5p
- Tuesday - Friday, Both Showrooms are opened from 10a-5p
- Saturday, Both Showrooms are opened from 10a-2p
- Sunday, Both Showrooms are closed
We are emailing, calling and texting as we can to address all appointments as quick as possible. Please bear with us as we go through this process. Thank you for choosing Doodlebuggers and pray that your recovery process is quick.
God Bless You,
Team Doodlebuggers
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