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Doodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor BBB accredited business profile

Dryer Vent Repairs

As a simple result of daily usage in your home or business, renovations, repeated use, or the simple passing of time, components of your dryer vent system may need to be repaired. Having a professional dryer vent technician service the system is the best way to ensure your dryer vent has not become a fire hazard.

destin fl dryer vent repairDryer duct leaks, incorrect joint connections, or improper vent materials can all cause serious issues with the use of your dryer vent system such as dryer fire, carbon monoxide buildup, mold growth, and energy loss. You may begin to notice some of these warning signs while operating your dryer. Many of these symptoms can be signs of a clogged dryer vent, but in some cases they can also indicate damage or disrepair in the dryer vent system. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians can provide a full diagnostic inspection to find the source of your dryer vent problems and correct many of the issues that may be making your dryer vent system unsafe or inefficient to operate properly. Dryer vent cleaning may be another option as well if the rigid metal dryer duct system is found to only be blocked with lint. Always clean out your lint trap after each use to also help from clogging your vent pipe and from keeping your dryer from over heating.

Doodlebuggers provides a complete range of dryer vent repairs, installs and cleaning. We ensure that all of our dryer vent repairs and/or dryer vent installs utilize materials that are in compliance with the recommendations and requirements set forth by one or more of the following: current International Residential Code (IRC), Underwriters Laboratory, dryer manufacturers, Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Fire Protection Association, and/or the International Mechanical Code (IMC). We also pay attention to the dryer manufactures recommendations as well. In some cases if your dryer vent exceeds 25 feet from where it is connected to your clothes dryer, it may need to have a dryer vent booster fan installed.

Our Dryer Vent Repair Services

  • Replacing foil or vinyl vents with rigid metal venting materials
  • Replacing damaged or incorrect dryer vent caps
  • Re-taping joints with foil tape
  • Installing dryer vent snorkel kits
  • Replacing missing hangers
  • Updating vents to meet code compliance
  • Repairing breaks in line
  • Removing screws

So whether you need your dryer vent repaired, dryer vent cleaned or your dryer vent re-routed call the expert dryer vent people at Doodlebuggers.

Is Your Dryer Vent Safe?

There’s a hidden danger spot in most homes today. Chances are you don’t look at it or even think about it. It’s the vent from your clothes dryer. Over time, it fills with lint that slips past your dryer’s filter. Overheating results as the lint builds up, and then you’re just a step away from a fire. Sound unlikely?

Here are some alarming facts from a May 2003 report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

Over 15,000 clothes dryer fires occur each year.

These dryer fires result in approximately 20 deaths, 370 injuries and over $75 million in property damage annually.
The high-limit thermostat may prematurely fail when subjected to high ambient temperatures. After a significant build up of debris in the dryer vent hose, the dryer overheats and the lint catches fire. Combustibles in the immediate vicinity then help fuel the fire.
Unlike many health and safety issues we are faced with in the home, this safety problem has an easy and economical solution. The best way to prevent the possibility of a dryer fire harming your home and family is with a thorough dryer cleaning by the professionals at Doodlebuggers.

dryer vent inspection and cleaning in Ferry Pass, FL

Another issue that may impact the safety of your dryer venting system is the components of the system itself. Not many people routinely check their vent line and termination caps and most wouldn’t really know what they were looking for if they did. Pipe can become damaged, caps can break and a ground termination that used to be perfectly placed can now sit underground with normal house settling. During every dryer vent cleaning our technicians will inspect your venting system to make sure that everything is in working condition and that it is capable of performing the way that you need it to.

And if you do need repairs? Our certified technicians can perform a variety of on site repairs and our office staff can quote out anything they can’t do that day for you to have done when you’re ready.

The final big issue is that some installers and builders don’t really know what to look for in a dryer vent. They don’t have the certifications that our technicians do and they might not know the best practices of putting a dryer vent in. They have a lot on their plate and sometimes, something gets missed or the wrong part gets installed. We’ve seen everything from flex line running more than 40 feet through and attic to an oven exhaust cap installed on a roof that was packed with enough lint to make a blanket! We know our dryer vents and can solve just about any installation issue to get your dryer vent into fighting shape in no time!

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