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Dryer Vent FAQs

How long should it take for the average dryer to completely dry a load of clothes?

Most dryers take an average of 45 minutes to dry a load. Before assuming that the dryer or venting is the issue, make sure that the load size is appropriate for the dryer. If the load size is correct and you still have issues with damp clothes, it may be a clogged vent line.

What is the main cause of dryer fires?

Restricted airflow in the dryer venting lines can trap heat and ignite the trapped lint.

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Are home dryer fires a common problem?

Yes, there is an average of 2,900 dryer fires are reported each year. There are an estimated five deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property damages. Failure to clean the venting lines is a leading cause of fires. Most occur in fall and winter months.

Should you have your venting line cleaned annually?

Yes, it helps maintain dryer performance and prevent dryer fires.

What should the dryer venting line be made out of?

The best venting line will be made from 4” diameter rigid metal pipe. Smaller lines are easier to clog. Flexible venting lines and those made of plastic are more likely to become damaged, allowing heat and lint to escape into the walls and ceilings.

Does it matter if I leave the dryer on while I am out of the house or while I sleep?

Yes, the majority of dryer vent fires occur when the dryer is running unattended.

dryer vent service in pensacola FLCan I use a blower to blow the lint out of my venting?

No, most blowers can put out winds of up to 105 mph which can cause significant damage to the venting line that might not be readily apparent. This damage can lead to heat and lint building up in the ceiling or walls.

Can I clean out my own dryer vent?

Short lines, less than five feet, are easy to clean by hand. For longer lines, there are DIY kits available at most hardware stores, but the brushes can easily break. We can remove those brushes from the lines during the dryer vent cleaning but it may incur up to $50 in additional charges and it may also damage the venting lines.

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