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Doodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor BBB accredited business profile

Dryer Vent Safety

Dryer vent safety isn’t a topic that’s on a lot of people’s minds – until something goes wrong with their clothes dryer and it ends up costing them a lot of money or results in an injury.

Doodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor Store provides our customers in the Pensacola and Destin areas with a full range of dryer vent services. We know what can go wrong with a clothes dryer’s venting system, and we know how to fix and prevent all the issues.

dryer vent cleaning in Mary Esther, FLWhy Dryer Vent Safety Is so Important

Most major safety issues with clothes dryers happen because of neglected dryer vents. Throughout the U.S., more than 15,000 fires are started by clothes dryers each year. This results in upwards of $75 million in property damage, and worse – more than 350 injuries and some 20 deaths.

What’s the condition of the dryer vent in your Pensacola, FL, home? Have you had a dryer vent tech out to your Destin, FL, home recently? If you don’t know the condition of your dryer venting system and if you rarely if ever have it looked at by a professional, it’s time to start thinking more about dryer vent safety.

How Dryer Vents Fail

The most common cause of dryer vent fires that we encounter in our Pensacola / Destin service areas is lint filters that have been neglected. Any blockage in the dryer vent system can lead to serious problems.

When the dryer is running, if the venting is obstructed or blocked, the hot air produced by the machine has nowhere to go. It doesn’t take long for highly combustible lint to build up and possibly catch fire.

The backup of deadly carbon monoxide into your home when your dryer runs on natural gas or propane is as bad, or worse than, a fire.

When dryer vent safety is neglected, signs are sure to follow:

  • Clothes can start taking two or three – or more – cycles to completely dry
  • Electric or gas utility bills will rise due to your dryer running for longer periods
  • There is water dripping from your dryer venting system
  • The top of the machine gets extra hot during use
  • Your lint filter isn’t picking up very much lint
  • You notice a weird burning smell when your dryer is in use

dryer vent inspection and cleaning in Cantonment, FL Schedule a Dryer Vent Check-Up

If it’s been a while since the clothes dryer in your Pensacola or Destin home was looked at by a professional, Doodlebuggers’ team of Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians (C-DET) are ready to help.

We’ll perform a thorough inspection of your system and make any necessary dryer vent repairs or part changeouts. Based on your dryer usage, we’ll help you devise a cleaning schedule to ensure dryer vent safety and top performance from your machine.

Reach a dryer vent expert today in Pensacola at (850) 477-1151 or in Destin at (850) 243-0154. We’re the dryer vent safety pros you can count on all year long.

Doodlebuggers serves homeowners within the Emerald Coast, from the Mobile Bay to Panama City Beach and all along Route 30A.

In the Pensacola, FL, area, we serve Navarre Beach, FL, Summerdale, FL, Foley, FL, Oyster Bay, FL, Orange Beach, FL and other local communities. In the Destin, FL, area, Doodlebuggers serves Seaside, FL, Milligan, FL, Crestview, FL, Miramar Beach, FL, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, Alys Beach, FL, and other local communities.

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