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Getting the Most Out of Your Outdoor Kitchen in the Winter

In Florida, we have weather that’s generally conducive to outdoor living all year long. When we do get a little winter weather, we can still have wonderful times in our outdoor kitchens and living spaces.

Doodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor Store of Pensacola, FL, and Destin, FL, would like to share some ideas for keeping things warm and cozy during your outdoor get-togethers and parties in the winter.

outdoor fireplace installations in destin flHeat your section of the outside world

While you can’t control the temperature of the great outdoors, you definitely can affect the spaces in and around your outdoor kitchen. How?

Consider a fireplace or fire pit, both of which send warmth into the air and look fabulous while doing it.

Fireplaces and fire pits can provide exactly what you need on those chilly winter days and evenings. Imagine a roaring fire as you eat, drink and be merry with friends and family in your backyard oasis. That’s what winter entertaining is all about.

Fire pits

Fire pits are like fireplaces, only without everything that surrounds them. You can choose a raised fire pit table or an attractive fire pit bowl, for example, and place it in just the right spot in your outdoor living space.

People love to gather around a glowing fire pit for warmth and conversation. Look into the variety of models and styles available, then select one that speaks to you.


Adding a fireplace to your backyard kitchen and seating area makes perfect sense. We love the ambience these appliances bring inside our homes, and we love the ambience just as much when it’s beautifying our outdoor entertaining spaces.

Your fireplace can run on gas or wood. It can be built from the ground up or arrive pre-built and ready to put in place. Empire, Majestic, Flare, Mason-Lite and other top fireplace manufacturers offer a wide range of styles and features that will amaze you.


Is your current outdoor kitchen really no more than an old grill and a couple of tables for setting plates? Modern, customized outdoor kitchens can be designed any way you want them, with grills, smokers, stovetops, lush cabinetry, serving stations, refrigeration and more.

And your entire kitchen can be weatherproofed to keep going strong in whatever the Florida winter might throw at us.

You can build your kitchen yourself or connect with an outdoor kitchen specialist to make it a one-of-a-kind original that contains everything you could ever need for parties, gatherings or just taking time out to relax.


Is rain a problem? Don’t let it be. Add some tasteful canopies or awnings over your outdoor spaces to make it feel like home away from home.

You can even partially enclose some of the areas, adding to the feel of uniqueness and beauty. There are no “rights” or “wrongs” here – all that matters is that you have a lovely, functional outdoor area that you can use almost every day of the year.

custom outdoor kitchens in pensecola flYour outdoor kitchen awaits

Are you ready to start sprucing up your outdoor kitchen and living areas and get them ready to take on some winter weather? Reach a Doodlebuggers outdoor living expert today at (850) 477-1151 in Pensacola, FL, or at (850) 243-0154 in the Destin, FL, area. You can also get in touch with our handy contact form.

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