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A New Fireplace VS A Fireplace Insert

When you’re looking to bring more beauty and elegance to your home, a fireplace is one of the best ways to do it. But a fireplace insert can also be a good choice. Now it gets confusing.

Doodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor Store of Pensacola, FL and Destin, FL is here to clear up the confusion. Let’s look at the differences between a fireplace and a fireplace insert.

fireplace install in Destin FLFireplaces

When we talk about having a new fireplace installed, we’re talking about a manufactured unit that ships ready to be installed in a wall in your home.

These units are well-made and sturdy. They’re built for safety and have incorporated the latest EPA requirements for burning and environmental friendliness.

As far as looks go, manufactured fireplaces have essentially the same visual appeal as a more traditional, hand-built, open masonry fireplace. Models are available that run on gas, wood or electricity.

Wood fireplaces vent through an attached chimney. Gas fireplaces can be purchased as vented or non-vented. The vented variety drafts through an attached flue pipe. Electric fireplaces don’t vent.

Fireplace inserts

A fireplace insert, as the name implies, is built to be inserted into the firebox of an existing masonry fireplace. Inserts are smaller but a lot more efficient than the original fireplace.

Gas and wood inserts conserve as much as 85 percent of their heat, making it available to your home. Both fuel types burn with high efficiency, which means lower fuel costs.

Built sturdy and safe, fireplace inserts vent through the existing chimney with their own dedicated vent pipes.

Which one should you install?

Now that you know a little about these two types of appliances, you can begin deciding which would be best for your home.

If you have a masonry fireplace that’s too inefficient and drafty, putting a fireplace insert into it could be the perfect option. Also, you might not have enough convenient wall space to install a manufactured fireplace, and since you already have a fireplace that’s just sitting there, an insert would make good sense.


If your home has no fireplace, a manufactured model is the best choice. Keep in mind that with a wood fireplace, there will have to be suitable space to build the venting housing. With a gas fireplace, as long as there’s a way to run the vent pipe to the outside of the home, you’re in business.

Electric fireplaces are the ultimate in convenience and can be installed anywhere in your home where there’s enough space and a nearby electrical outlet. There’s no venting and no maintenance.

Professional fireplace and insert installation

No matter what kind of appliance you decide on, you should have it professionally installed to ensure that it’s safe and in compliance with all state and local codes.

Gas fireplace insert installation in pensacola beach, flTime for a new fireplace?

When you’re ready for a new gas, wood or electric fireplace or a gas or wood fireplace insert, Doodlebuggers is ready to help. We install and service a full range of heating appliances that will amaze you with their beauty and efficiency.

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