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The Different Materials Used For Fireplace Surrounds

Because fireplaces make such a great focal point in a room, your fireplace’s mantel and surround can completely revamp the aesthetic appeal of your space. If you’ve been considering an installation or remodel, we’re here to help! By breaking down the different material and design options available you can create the perfect fireplace ambiance to enhance your space.

fireplace inserts in pensacola flChoosing the Right Material For your Surround

Consider your personal style preferences. Are you more of a traditional or modern design fan? Do you want your fireplace to blend-in or stand-out as a statement in your space? Choosing the perfect material for your surround will depend heavily on your aesthetic and how much of your personality you wish to be displayed through the fireplace.


Wood is a very versatile surround material as it can be made to match a rustic or modern appeal. With dark and light woods to choose from, you can create a gorgeous contrast to both your walls and your fireplace. Although wood may seem like a dangerous choice, with proper installation it is a viable option.


Stone is another excellent option for a durable and versatile mantel and surround. Stone offers a variety of designs and the choice of a natural stone shape or a carved design for a more cohesive look.


Brick is a classic surround style that can give a very rustic look to your fireplace. Choose from a traditional red brick or other variations of colored bricks that can add some flair to a traditional interior design plan.


If you’re into a more creative or decorative style, tile is the surround for you! Tile can be used in so many unique designs and patterns giving you total freedom to create an incredible focal point in your room and show off your personal style.


Although metal is a less popular material, it can introduce an interesting concept to your hearth. Metal is most commonly recognized as a modern industrial interior design choice however; it can easily blend into a traditional or sleek space with the proper execution! 

fireplace inserts in pensacola flA Final Tip From the Pros

Your fireplace should add to your space. Whether you value the function or the visual appeal, fireplaces can be the perfect addition to bring any room to life. Choosing the right material and style can totally transform the fireplace and living space.

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