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Are the Bricks in Your Chimney Crumbling?

Crumbling chimney bricks is a sign nobody likes to see. If you do see it, you need to have it addressed quickly to prevent more extensive damage to the chimney system. Doodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor Store of Pensacola, FL, and Destin, FL, would like to cover a little bit about the causes of crumbling bricks, the damage that can result and what to do about the problem.

Crumbling chimney brick Repair in Pensacola, FLWhy do chimney bricks crumble?

Depending on where you live, there can be many causes of crumbling chimney bricks:

  • Lightning strikes
  • Freeze-thaw cycles
  • Pounding hail
  • Earthquakes

Even if your region isn’t subject to any of these occurrences, there are other possible causes. One that we see a lot is poor-quality bricks and mortar used during the construction of the chimney.

Improperly compressed mortar between the bricks won’t allow for the normal subtle movement of the bricks, which can cause excess pressure that cracks them. Cheap mortar will crumble and deteriorate faster than quality mortar, weakening the chimney structure. Cheap bricks will absorb large amounts of water and begin to fail.

When water penetrates the surface of the bricks, it can lead to a condition known as “spalling,” wherein the bricks begin to flake away and become loose. Sometimes, bricks will completely fall out of their housings.

Fix crumbling bricks right away

If you notice that some of your chimney bricks are crumbling and flaking, now is the time to have the issue addressed. If left alone, a number of things can happen.

  • The chimney can eventually begin to lean to one side
  • The chimney can eventually collapse
  • Major water damage can occur to the chimney liner, interior masonry, fireplace damper, firebox and other parts and components of the system
  • The roof, attic, walls, flooring and ceilings can suffer damage
  • Mold can begin to grow and spread throughout the home

Water damage is among the most common problems chimney technicians face in the field. Fortunately, there are ways to restore damaged masonry and resolve related issues. Some of the ways are simple, and some are quite involved.

The masonry repair process

All chimney repair work should start with a licensed chimney inspection. Your inspector will determine which bricks are damaged and to what extent. He or she will also inspect to uncover related problems caused by the brick issues. The inspector can then recommend the best ways to solve the problem.

Repair of damaged bricks and related damage might include:

  • Replacing compromised bricks
  • Tuckpointing, which scrapes out deteriorated mortar joints and replaces them with a strong new compound
  • Chimney crown repair or rebuilding
  • Chimney liner repair or relining if the liner is severely damaged
  • Rebuilding sections of the chimney or the entire chimney


Masonry and Brick Chimney Repairs in Destin Fl

Then your chimney technician should apply a strong water sealant to all masonry surfaces after the work is completed. This will help prevent future water damages to your chimney bricks.

Get your chimney into top shape

Doodlebuggers is ready to help with your cracked bricks and other chimney issues. We provide a full menu of repair and rebuilding services along with professional chimney inspections.

Reach a chimney expert today at (850) 477-1151 in Pensacola, FL, or at (850) 243-0154 in the Destin, FL, area. You can also get in touch with our handy contact form.

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