Benefits of a Backyard Kitchen

No matter where you live if you enjoy spending a lot of time in your backyard setting, you’d enjoy it a lot more if it had a functional outdoor kitchen. Doodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor Store of Pensacola, FL, and Destin, FL, would like to share a few ideas for a stunning new backyard kitchen, customized to give you the best possible outdoor living experience.

Install Outdoor Kitchen Blue Mountain Beach, FLConvenience is the main benefit

With a well-appointed kitchen in your backyard, serving snacks and meals outside is ultra-convenient. No more running back and forth into the house to bring out another plate or a bottle of hot sauce. No more lugging heavy serving-ware and drink containers.

Homeowners who build backyard kitchens enjoy a very convenient amenity that’s perfect for parties, gatherings, celebrations or just hanging out in the fresh air. A full-service kitchen will give you everything you need to whip up simple or fancy meals and be the envy of your neighbors.


What can go in your backyard kitchen?

When you think “backyard kitchen,” think “indoor kitchen,” because just about everything you may have in your kitchen inside can go in your outdoor kitchen. Here are seven of the most popular features in backyard kitchens across the country.

     1. Space

There are few things worse than a cramped kitchen. When you have experienced outdoor-living technicians design your backyard kitchen, you can make sure it gives you (and other cooks) plenty of room to move around and create.

     2. Cooking appliances

This means stovetops, ovens (including special pizza ovens), grills, griddles, microwaves, smokers and any other appliance that you use and need. These appliances can be installed to run on gas or electricity. Some appliances can be wood-fueled.

     3. Sinks

You’ll need a good sink, or a few of them. You can have very simple sinks or quite large and elaborate sinks in your outdoor kitchen.

     4. Refrigeration

Your kitchen can be equipped with a full-size or mini refrigerator and freezer. You can also install cooling bins.

     5. Dry storage

You have a lot of choices for convenient cabinetry and dry storage spaces in your backyard kitchen. Figure out how much room you’ll need, and work that into your initial planning.

     6. Countertops

With the cooking, refrigeration and storage out of the way, you’ll want to consider your countertops, prep spaces and work surfaces. Here, you can go as basic or fancy as you want, from economical laminates all the way up to stunning granite.

     7. Seating

If you’re going to do all this cooking, you’re going to need a place to put everybody so they can eat. There are many options for seating arrangements, including formal tables and chairs as well as individual seating with simple serving tables clustered throughout your seating area.

Outdoor Kitchen Repair Rose Mary BeachIt’s all up to you

When you plan and dream about your outdoor kitchen, remember – there are no limits, except your imagination. By working with an experienced contractor and crew, what you visualize in your mind will become a reality right before your eyes. If it’s time to look into a new backyard kitchen, call the experts at Doodlebuggers.

We’ll cover every base for you and make sure you wind up with the backyard kitchen of your dreams.

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