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What Is A Fire And Water Feature?

Everyone knows that fire and water are an interesting mix. Scientifically, they’re two of the four main elements of life. Visually, they’re polar opposites. Practically, one can easily extinguish the other. Yet, when paired together the right way, they create something especially unique. But what is a fire and water feature? How do they work exactly? And what are some creative ways to incorporate a fire and water feature into your backyard space?

Fire and Water Feature Installations in Destin FLWhat is a fire and water feature?

We get this question a lot and we’re happy to answer. Most homeowners have heard of fountains, mini ponds, and fire pits. Many have even added one or more of these to their property, helping to turn their backyard into a dream oasis from the rest of the world.

So, what’s a fire and water feature? Well, the centerpiece that we’re describing today is essentially the same thing, just joined together! A water and fire feature will have an unmatched, distinctive look that will elevate any patio or pool design. How do they accomplish this?

How does it work?

So, we have your interest piqued, which is a good thing. You’re also probably wondering how a fire and water feature works. Let’s start with the first of those two: fire.

Most fire features will run off of natural gas. The top will be covered in lava rock or another heat-conductive medium much like a traditional fire pit. Now, here’s the difference. These features also include a water pump, which helps to propel water up and over the exit wall, known as a scupper, and into the pool or another water basin.

Wait, a pool?

Yes, pools are a great location for this feature! A word of caution, however. Be sure to use a unit specifically designed for use near pools to ensure it is safe and compliant. The easiest way to be confident of this is by working with the team at Doodlebuggers. Our team of experts will be deeply familiar with the ins and outs of designing and creating a beautiful and safety-compliant space.

Now, if you’re thinking a pool is too big for your yard, you could also incorporate a fire and water feature into a small pond. Alternatively, you could also add a water feature to your fire pit area. The possibilities are endless, and all it takes is a little bit of creativity to come up with the perfect solution.

Fire and Water Outdoor living space feature in Warrington, FLHelping you to create a lifestyle that you’ll love!

Our mission statement has never been more applicable than with a fire and water feature. By creatively adding one to your patio or backyard, you can create a visually appealing atmosphere while also setting up a focal point for your backyard get-togethers. As it’s our mission to help you “Create a lifestyle that you’ll love,” we’d love to chat with you about how you can artistically incorporate a fire and water feature into your home.

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