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Keep Animals Out of Your Chimney

The chimney has many potential entry points, so it is not unusual to find birds, raccoons, squirrels, pests, or even rodents hanging out in your chimney. Bats are a common nuisance for Pensacola, FL, homeowners. They make their way inside through holes in the chimney. Their droppings are considered harmful contaminants and should be cautiously handled. Avoid breathing in the air near the droppings, and use gloves when cleaning animal droppings. Also, avoid scaring bats, or they could fly right into your house, making their removal even more difficult. Here are five ways to keep animals out of your chimney.

Animals in Chimney, Destin FLSigns Live Animals May Be in Your Chimney

Are you hearing strange noises at night? It could signify that you have some unwanted guests living in your chimney. Listen for these familiar sounds of live animals in your flue:

  • Bats make bizarre noises depending on whether they are in a good or bad mood
  • Different birds make different calls, so hearing chirping is a sign you may have a warbler, hummingbird, or other small bird building a nest in the chimney.
  • Small animals often get stuck and perish inside the chimney, which causes a foul stench.
  • Decaying organic matter in the flue attracts pests or rodents, so you may see them running around inside your house.
  • Animals and their nests can block the flue vent, restricting the airflow that can cause smoke and fumes to blow back into your home.

Chimney Cap Repair

Always ensure your chimney cap or chase cover is undamaged and securely installed. A damaged or missing chimney cap is the most common way for animals to climb inside the chimney.

Chimney Crown Sealant

Just like cracks in the chimney crown allow water to leak inside the chimney, they also allow small wildlife to squeeze through too. However, due to its location at the top of the chimney, many homeowners only notice the crown has storm damage once they find unwanted pests in the flue or during a routine inspection.

Tuckpointing / Individual Brick Replacement

Missing bricks and mortar due to masonry damage are another common way for animals, including mice, rats, and snakes, to get into the chimney.

Top Mount Chimney Damper Installation in Perdido Beach FLThroat Vs. Top-Sealing Damper

The majority of chimneys in Southwest Florida have a traditional throat damper. When shut, the damper will keep rain, wind, and pests out of the fireplace but not out of the flue. For enhanced protection, Doodlebuggers highly recommends installing a top-sealing damper. It seals the entire chimney system, including the flue and fireplace.

Chimney Inspection & Animal Removal in Pensacola, FL

If you reside in the Mobile-Pensacola-Fort Walton Beach area, Doodlebuggers will safely and humanely remove live animals from your chimney. We will also make repairs to keep them out for good.

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