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Why Good Chimney Flashing Is Important

Chimney flashing is a critical part of leak and damage prevention for your chimney. Although many people may not consider flashing when it comes to noting all the different parts in their chimney, it is still one of the most important components protecting both the chimney and the home.

chimney flashing in Carillon Beach FLWhat Is Chimney Flashing?

Chimney flashing is made up of three parts: Base flashing, step flashing, and counter flashing.

Base Flashing

The base flashing is the portion of the flashing that in fashioned or embedded into the roof of your home. 

Step Flashing

The next layer of flashing is the metal pieces that are layered against the sides of the chimney and used to direct water away from the base of the chimney.


Lastly, counterflashing is the outermost layer of flashing that is attached to the chimney and covers the step flashing to provide extra protection from moisture.

What Does Chimney Flashing Do?

Chimney flashing plays a major role in waterproofing your chimney. Thanks to the flashings ability to create a waterproofing seal in the space where your roof and chimney meet, water is directed away from vulnerable area where chimney leaks often begin. Flashing protects not only the chimney structure, but your roofing materials as well as it guides water away from the base of your chimney where it may otherwise gather creating leaks, wood rot, and mold or mildew growth.

Signs Your Chimney Flashing Needs Repair

Leaks or Water Stains

Any chimney leaks, staining, or other signs of water damage on your roof or chimney structure may be a sign that your chimney flashing has been damaged and is allowing water to seep through the gap between our roof and chimney.

Visible Damage

Visible signs of damaged chimney flashing include common wear and tear such as peeling or bent edges, rusting or stains, and missing flashing.

Loose Flashing

Your chimney flashing should create a watertight seal between your chimney and your roof. If the flashing is loose or has gaps it cannot function properly and will require repairs by a professional.

Roof Damage Near Chimney

Damaged or excessively worn roofing materials can also be an indicated that your flashing needs repairs. Missing or damaged shingles, especially around your chimney may be a sing that it’s time to have your chimney looked at by a professional.

quality chimney flashing in okalossa flChimney Flashing Repairs

In the event that you suspect or have damaged chimney flashing it is important to call and schedule an inspection and repair with a chimney professional before the damage escalates. Your chimney flashing is a vital component in protecting against water damage, roof damage, and leaks. 

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