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Pro Grilling Tips to Break Out This Spring

Whether you have an elaborate set-up in your backyard or are simply the indisputable master of your grill, it’s time to heat things up. We’ve got pro grilling tips to break out this spring and silence any doubters. Our tips skirt past many basics, but the most important ones even the pros stress with emphasis. If you’re dreaming of an outdoor kitchen, make your grilling skills count by contacting us at Doodlebuggers. We specialize in outdoor kitchen designs.

top brands in grilling, santa rosa flTip #1-Preheat the Grill

You probably know that in baking, preheating the oven is an essential step. Likewise, a pro chef has shared his best tip for grilling, which is to preheat the grill. His reasons? Preheat charcoal grills for the best results as far as flavor is concerned. Only add the grilled items when the coals are at the optimum color and temperature. Also, when you add grilled items too soon, the food will have a gassy smell.

Preheat your grill to at least 500º F. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes if you are using a gas grill.

Tip #2-Use the Lid

Smoky charcoal flavors can really improve the taste of your food. That’s where your lid comes in. You aren’t just protecting the food when you close the lid on your grill. Hickory and mesquite charcoal, for instance, produce a great smoky flavor. This matter is a subject of passionate debate. There are those who will believe to their dying breath that charcoal grilling is superior to gas grilling.

Scientifically speaking, did you know that the distinct flavors produced by charcoal grills ultimately come from the food? The fats, oils, sugars, and proteins that drip make the magic happen. When you drip to the extreme, you are really building that flavor.

Tip #3-The Indentation

Now, this particular chef’s secret for pro grilling to break out this spring really makes an impression. It works when you are grilling hamburgers. Put an indentation with your thumb into each burger patty before it goes on the grill. The culinary-nutrition consultant and chef who shared this secret says this about the indentation: The result is the ground beef keeps its shape, rather than swelling, as it shrinks during the grilling process.

Tip #4-The Dipping Method

Marinading is certainly a wonderful way to improve the taste of grilled food. One chef, however, recommends taking your food off the grill for a dip every couple of minutes and quickly returning it to the grill. Sort of a comparison between sprinkling and full dunking—an age-old debate of another kind. He says if you quickly dip rather than a marinade, you add flavor in thin layers to the meat. This gives you full flavor while reducing the sugar.

outdoor kitchen experts, okalossa flWant to Grill in a New Outdoor Kitchen?

It’s that time! So, you can get as excited as you want about grilling, but do you have your outdoor kitchen setup yet? This is what Doodlebuggers does, and we believe that’s the best way to elevate your grilling prowess. We get the whole thing done according to codes. We have certified designers so you know the setup will be sweet. Use the above pro grilling tips to break out this spring in a new outdoor kitchen.

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