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Why So Many Homeowners Choose Gas Linear Fireplaces

A well-built, beautiful fireplace is an asset to any home. Today’s manufactured units are a far cry from the big, drafty masonry fireplaces that have been in homes for centuries. Linear gas fireplaces are among the most modern and popular models.

linear fireplace install in Pensacola, FLDoodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor Store of Pensacola and Destin, Florida, would like to tell you a little about these fantastic fireplace styles.

What is a linear fireplace?

A linear fireplace takes its name because of its shape: it’s formed in some type of rectangle, with a shorter height and wider width than a “typical” fireplace.

Though the design is quite unique, linear fireplaces made by top fireplace designers still contain all the functional and safety elements of any type of pre-made fireplace.

  • They’re heavily insulated to protect walls and adjacent materials
  • They comply with all current EPA guidelines for emissions and clean burning
  • They’re built for long life and top performance

Why linear fireplaces are so popular

Homeowners today want more than just a fireplace. They want convenience, versatility and options. They get all this and more with a linear fireplace.

These units can be installed into spaces where space is a factor, such as beneath a big-screen TV or in a wall between the living room and dining room. And don’t forget – linear fireplaces make excellent zone-heating appliances in kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

When you go with an efficient gas linear fireplace, you get ease-of-use and super-clean burns with minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Beauty & style

Let’s not forget how these amazing appliances look when installed. They bring unmatched beauty and style to any room, quickly becoming the centerpiece around which family and friends love to gather and share an evening.

Top manufacturers such as Kozy Heat, Majestic, Town & Country and Ortal have created a range of immaculate designs that make it easy to shop for and select the perfect linear model for your heating and decorative needs.

Let’s not forget heat

Modern linear fireplaces are built to produce heat. They do this by retaining a large percentage of the heat they create and making it available to your room.

By comparison, traditional open masonry fireplaces lose the majority of the heat they produce right up the chimney. That’s why you’re never able to really get a lot of warmth and comfort out of these fireplaces.

Linear fireplaces come with very high heat-efficiency ratings and various BTU outputs, which means you can install a model that will give you exactly what you desire.

gas fireplace install in destin flLinear fireplace sales & installation

If you live in or around Pensacola or Destin, Florida, Doodlebuggers’ fireplace showrooms let you browse models and select the perfect new linear fireplace. We specialize in the installation of powerful gas-driven linear fireplaces.

Our team of licensed installers will then set up your fireplace just the way you want it in your home. All fireplace installations we handle comply with local fire safety and building codes.

Visit our showroom located at:
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Reach a linear fireplace expert in Pensacola at 850-477-1151. In Destin, call 850-243-0154. You also can get in touch through our convenient contact form.

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