Do Dryer Vents Need Professional Cleaning?

Obstructed clothes dryer vents are responsible for numerous fires, injuries, deaths, and damage to property each year. All this can be avoided by having your dryer vent professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Doodlebuggers Fireplace, Grill & Outdoor Store provides full dryer vent cleaning in the Pensacola, FL, and Destin, FL, areas. Here are six reasons why your dryer vent needs to be kept clean.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Shalimar, FLPrevent fires

Lint in dryer vents is the main cause of clothes dryer fires, which number well over 10,000 annually and account for about 30 deaths and more than $200 million in property damage. Professional vent cleaning will remove built-up lint and any other drafting obstructions.

Dry clothes faster

If you’re noticing that your dryer is taking longer and longer to finish a load of clothes, it may be because your dryer’s vent is becoming narrowed with lint. A clean vent system allows air to move efficiently through the dryer and dry clothes quickly.

Give your dryer a longer life

When there’s an obstruction in any area within your dryer venting, the machine will have to work extra hard to do its job. With load after load, this extra work can finally take its toll on your dryer’s motor. Having your dryer vent properly cleaned gives the appliance less work to do and keeps it running much longer.

Stop wasting money on gas or electric bills

Clothes dryers are notorious for cranking up energy bills when they have to run even 10% longer and harder than they should. When the vent is full of lint, it will cost more money to run the machine. Professional dryer vent cleaning more than pays for itself in savings on utility bills – not to mention savings on replacing the appliance before its time.

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

If you use a gas clothes dryer, carbon monoxide is an issue. In order for this toxic gas to draft out of your machine and into the outside air, the venting needs to be free of obstructions. Carbon monoxide can’t be smelled or seen, but it’s known to be potentially fatal to humans and animals when inhaled. A clean dryer vent will dramatically reduce the chance of carbon monoxide spilling into the air you and your family breathe.

Avoid the growth of allergens

A dryer that runs slowly and doesn’t fully dry clothes is the perfect environment for the growth of harmful mold and other allergens that you don’t want to breathe. Mold thrives on moisture and can grow anywhere within your dryer’s ventilation system. Keep your dryer vent clean and stop mold and allergens before they become a health risk.

Dryer Vent Inspection Miramar Beach, FLDryer vent inspections

Your clothes dryer maintenance schedule should include periodic inspections by trained dryer and venting technicians. Your tech will be able to determine if excess lint buildup or outside obstructions, such as bird nests, are present in your dryer vent. An inspection will also alert you to early signs of damage to your dryer’s vent system. This will allow you to arrange for needed repairs before serious problems occur.

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