Rotary cleans are typically only necessary when a fireplace has developed creosote in it’s hard but flaky form. It can sometimes require the additional use of chemicals, but will remove the vast majority of creosote build ups.

As creosote buildups that require such cleaning are not commonly found in the Pensacola-Destin areas, Doodlebuggers will quote this out separately if found during a routine chimney inspection as it can be quite costly. Annual inspections can help identify buildups before they reach this level and help save homeowners from the additional expense.

At Doodlebuggers we address creosote issues with mechanical and chemical cleaning and sometimes a combination of the two are required. Please note that if your chimney requires a rotary/chemical cleaning that is found during a regular inspection the the rotary/chemical cleaning may need to be rescheduled at another time as they take much longer and require special items that are not kept on every van. And this is a service you want done right not in a hurry.

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