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Firebox Repair

Firebox Repair

The firebox is the part of the fireplace where the wood is placed in order to make a fire. If your firebox has cracked bricks or deteriorating mortar joints, your firebox needs to be repaired or rebuilt with new firebrick and high temperature mortar. Thereby restoring the structural integrity. Furthermore, if you have a pre-fab fireplace with cracked or missing refractory panels they also need to be properly replaced.  Don’t let uneducated and unethical companies replace your refractory panels with unauthorized and unsafe METAL PANELS in you pre-fab UL Listed Fireplace.  This will automatically void any UL Listing and creates a fire hazard.  These panels should be replaced with OEM refractory panels and if OEM refractory panels are not available then at a minimum they should be replaced with after market refractory panels made and tested to UL 127 Standards.  Call Doodlebugggers for all your firebox, fireplace repairs in Pensacola-Destin areas. 

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