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Air Duct Inspections are comprehensive examinations of components and systems to determine whether they are contaminated with a significant accumulation of particulate or microbial growth, or if HVAC performance is compromised due to contamination build-up. Doodlebuggers has been providing air duct inspections in Pensacola and Destin Florida areas since 1998.

The purpose of an Air Duct Inspection is to assess the cleanliness and structural integrity of an HVAC system and to verify if it qualifies for a cleaning and if so on what level. Doodlebuggers Service Network looks for obstructions, excess moisture and microbial contamination in the HVAC system. Based on the results from this inspection the NADCA certified technician will give a summary of his findings, show you pictures of the inspection and recommend whether or not you would benefit from a professional air duct cleaning. If so he will give an exact quote and the amount of time it will require to properly complete your project. He will also advise of any items that may need to be completed before our arrival to do the air duct cleaning.  Doodlebuggers has been providing air duct cleaning in Pensacola and Destin areas since 1998.

This inspection process is very important. First you need to know if you even need any air duct cleaning to begin with. Any company that just schedules you in for an air duct cleaning without an inspection first is basically saying “hey doesn’t matter if you need it we’ll clean it any way”. About 40% of Doodlebuggers air duct inspections reveal that an air duct cleaning is not warranted nor would it be beneficial. Yes we charge for this but if you do need an air duct cleaning and use our services we will deduct this inspection fee from the price of the cleaning.

Be very wary of duct cleaners who offer “Free Estimates“. First of all you want an inspection not an estimate. Doodlebuggers can give you a “Free Estimate” over the phone if you can answer some simple and basic questions about your HVAC system. But you will still need a proper air duct inspection to verify if you need a cleaning. Please call us today for more information.

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